Developing children – The Palestinian village of Wallajeh

In order to enhance and develop the life of children in Wallajeh, it has been
proposed to introduce a course in the making of toys for the European market.
As the industry is so large and the range so enormous the course planners
have selected a higher end product that will allow the use of top quality materials
in the production of Teddy Bears. Another advantage of this particular toy is that is
is in demand all year round, not just Christmas time.

A survery around the factories of the far east make a good starting point to see
exactly what styles and what prices do well.
The plan is to set up a scheme to purchse all raw materials in the making of toy teddies
and then train a number of teachers to make the product.

After a suitable standard is reachd these teachers will then pass on their skills to those entering
the workforce in Wallejah for the first time.

It is through simlar schemes in other 3rd world countries that robust industries have been developed
and there is no reason why this cannot be done here in Wallajeh.