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Annual Events - International Women's Day

International women's day 2020
25th November 2020

Palestinian and Israeli women march together
Calling for:

2 states for 2 peoples
Immediate withdrawal to 6th June 1967 borders
Sharing Jerusalem as a capital of 2 states
Resuming of peace negotiations-no to unilateral actions

Kalandia checkpoint

Transportation: Liberty bell park, Jerusalem, at 09:00
Commercial center, French hill at 09:30

Information and registration: 02-6245699

As women, we recognize that the occupation and its manifestation is the main reason for the deterioration of democracy, the violation of human rights and women’s rights, and serves as the basis for the violence and killing, which victimize innocent civilians, both Israelis and Palestinians.
As feminist peace activists, we believe that we cannot separate our struggle to end the oppression on the Palestinian people from the struggle for equal rights for all segments of the society, for non-violence and peace.