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Bat Shalom
staff & board
Maya Frankforter
Activity Coordinator
Molly Malekar
Keren Assaf
Najat Rabbi Zahalka
Neta Rotem
Political Coordinator
Itaf Awad
Office administrator for the head of the municipality and advisor for Women's Issues in the Municipality of Daburiah; facilitator in "mutual Counseling", "Beyond Words", "Maagal Hakshava"; founded Women's Group from the village of Daburiah; initiated Listening Circles of Arad and Jewish Women
Adi Livny
Romy Shapira
Naomi Chazan
Former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset from the Meretz Party; Professor of Political Science and African Studies, Hebrew University
Nava Eisin
Member of the Labor Party Central Committee; Director of the Archives of Jewish Education at Tel-Aviv University, chairperson of The Adam Institute for Peace and Democracy; one of the founders of Bat Shalom
Ruth El-Raz
Clinical Social Worker, co-founder of the Counseling Center for Women; peace activist since 1970 and among the founders of Women in Black, activist with the women's movement in Israel since the 1970s
Nava Elyashar
Systems analyst; activist in Women in Black, Bat Shalom and Machsomwatch
Amira Gelblum
An historian with a specialization in women's history, veteran grassroots activist in peace and feminist movements; one of the founders of Women in Black, former editor of Noga magazine, member of the founding committee of the Community School for Women
Edna Gluckman
A veteran peace activist in women's organizations and a founder of Nashim L'maan Du-Kium ( Women for Coexistence )
Galia Golan
Professor of Political Science; founding member of Bat Shalom; activist in the leadership of Peace Now; veteran activist in the feminist movement
Tamar Gozansky
Former Knesset Member from the Hadash Party; the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality; economist; veteran activist on rights for workers, women and minorities; former chairperson of Knesset Lobby for Children
Meira Hanson
An environmental and peace activist in Bat Shalom for a number of years; researcher on environment society and politics
Debby Lerman
A Bat Shalom member and activist since 1997; member of the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace; on the steering committee of the project "Year of the Worker"; activist and member of the management committee of Kav L'Oved ( the Worker's Line )
Aida Shibli
A Bedouin woman Kfar Shibli, single mother to one daughter; works as a nurse and research coordinator at Hadassah Ein Karem hospital; activist with the Inter-religious Encounter Association in Jerusalem and the North; coordinator of the Muslim group in the Inter-religious Encounter in Jerusalem; activist in the groups Peacemakers Community and Ruah Shalom ( Spirit of Peace ) in Jerusalem; facilitator of a spiritual group called Makom L'Shalom ( A Place for Peace )
Aliyah Strauss
Chairperson in Israel of WILPF(Women's International League for Peace and Freedom); activist in Women in Black
Judi Widetzky Z"L
Founding Member of Bat Shalom (Brussels); past chair of World Labor Zionist Movement; past president Council of Women Organizations in Israel; ongoing participant for 20 years in varied Dialogs for Peace both National and International. Currently member of: Board of Weitz Center for Developmental Study, Board of ILAN-Israel Foundation for Handicapped Children, Board of International Council of Jewish Women, Israel Labor Party Central Committee
ily Traubmann
Political Coordinator
Shulamit Aloni
Former Minister of Education and former Minister of Communications and one of the founders of the Meretz Party
Colette Avital
Knesset Member from the Labor Party; Served as the Ambassador to Portugal and the Consul General in NY; Committed to advancing Arab, Bedouin, and students rights in Israel
Yael Dayan
Former Knesset Member from the Labor Party; writer and journalist
Tally Gur
A young human rights and peace activist; member and activist in Bat Shalom for a number of years; Spokeswoman for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel ( ACRI ); currently an MA student in public policy and management
Rola Hamed ( Abu-Zaid )
A young human rights and women's rights activist from Nazareth; activist for the advancement of equal rights for the Palestinian minority in Israel; MA in peace research
Ravit Hanan-El
Working toward completion of a doctorate in Urban Planning at the Technion; master's degree in Political Science from Tel-Aviv University; researcher in the field of women's rights and inequality in Israeli society; member of a joint organization of Israeli and Palestinian students
Hussniya Jabara
Former Knesset Member, Meretz Party; Chairperson of the Department for the Middle East in the International Institute of Beit Berl
Anat Maor
Former Knesset Member, Meretz Party; veteran activist for peace, human rights, and women's issues; member of Kibbutz Negba
Raya Rotem
An educator and veteran activist in the peace camp; founding member of Women in Black and very active in the movement; a spokesperson for WIB with a deep commitment to the feminist cause
Yehudit Zaidenberg
Program Coordinator
Nisreen Mazawi
Program Coordinator
Jessica Nevo
Giulia Tomarelli
Ester Brilliant
Manal Massalha
Political Coordinator
Gila Svirsky
former director
Hagar Roublev
former political coordinator
Gina Benevento
former public relations coordinator
Terry Greenblatt
former director
Ruthie Elbilya-Finnegan
former office manager
Nahala Assad
former program coordinator
Gali Gold
former spokesperson
Orit Berman
former office manager
Daphna Golan
former director
Judith Warschawski
Jerusalem Political Committee
Judy Blanc
Jerusalem Political committee
Dafna Kaminer
Jerusalem Political Committee